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Weekly NYC class schedule:

Monday: - Sakshi Bhava Yoga 8 p.m. 

Tuesday:  -Warrior Bridge 7:30 a.m. - Dharma Yoga Center 6:30 p.m. 

Wednesday: - Sakshi Bhava Yoga 8 p.m.

Thursday:  -Owl's Head Yoga 6:30 p.m.  

Saturday:  -Yoga Spot   11 a.m.

Sunday: - H.I.T. Factory 10 a.m. (starting Feb. 3)

Jan. 18-20: Veracruz at Arya Yoga Room 

March 20-April 17: I'll be teaching regular classes at Bali Yoga
--Classes will be Monday to Wednesday-- 

April 13-14: We will have an immersion.

Rome! !
March 29-31 at Viralab

April 6-7: Immersion weekend at House of Yoga   

April 26-28: Immersion weekend in Ankara, Turkey at Advayta Yoga  

June 27-July 3: Near Barcelona.
See here for details. 

         Let's practice (-*-)
Ever since high school I've been attracted to Eastern philosophy and the Buddha. I just didn't know it was a lifestyle I could live myself. I believe in karma and reincarnation and feel yoga is something I have done for many lives.

I think this way because once I started practicing yoga in 2010 during a shamanic retreat in Brazil, I went deep into the practice immediately and never looked back. So my inquiry into the Self began. Then I moved into vipassana meditation retreats, and my first teacher training in India before finally discovering my teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra. He was right here in my hometown of New York City all along.  

I have since done my 500 and 800 hour teacher training certifications with Sri Dharma and now travel the world to share the teachings. It is a playful, graceful, and strong style of hatha raja yoga with delightful variations of poses, profound breathing techniques, chanting, and deep relaxation. 

On Dec. 1, 2015, Sri Dharma Mittra initiated me into the lineage with the name of Yogi Ram Om. I will honor this name and do my best to live up to it.

My interview on Dharma Talk:


Photos by Fabio Filippi